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Growing Your Own Moustache - Volume 6 - Digital download

Growing Your Own Moustache - Volume 6 - Digital download

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The almost twenty minutes long track Off is the flagship in the sixth volume of the Growing Your Own Moustache audio fleet. A demanding sonic beast, Off is loaded with piles of challenging South Indian oozing rhythms but also plenty of time for you to stretch out over stimulating tonality. It is easily the most ambitious and tough tune so far (despite the 4/4 time signature throughout) in the popular download series with its fusion of East meets West. Featuring the voice of animation wizard Ben Rush.

I Am Root explores the nature of each church mode and the relationship between the notes versus the tonic. The plus nine minute song also has Smoke on the Water (or Water on the Smoke as it says in the notation to cover up its origin) in no less 11 different odd time variations thrown in for good, mind wrecking fun.

Honest As Fried Chicken is groovy, finger and sweep picking ditty.

The gnarled 135 bpm shuffle study of triplets Friedrich's Gang of Goons has caused a lot of headache and nosebleed during the Freak Guitar Camp, students forcing IA to make "clap videos" the song through to prove the groove, so to speak.

The package also contains the Drone Zone, continuous bourdons in every key for you to pick any of the many included scales, improvise and grow your own moustache.


01. Off (19:33)
02. Off - stripped (19:41)
03. I Am Root (9:07)
04. I Am Root - stripped (9:04)
05. Honest as Fried Chicken (3:40)
06. Honest as Fried Chicken - stripped (3:39)
07. Friedrich’s Gang Of Goons (3:53)
08. Friedrich’s Gang Of Goons - stripped (3:53)

Drone Zone

09. A Drone (3:33)
10. B Flat Drone (1:21)
11. B Drone (2:23)
12. C Drone (2:01)
13. C Sharp Drone (1:36)
14. D Drone (1:56)
15. D Sharp Drone (1:25)
16. E Drone (1:53)
17. F Drone (2:13)
18. F Sharp Drone (2:02)
19. G Drone (2:16)
20. G Sharp Drone (2:18)


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